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Client of the Month: Vicky Ghotra

Berardi Immigration Law is proud to have helped our featured client of the month, Vicky Ghotra, obtain an E-2 visa. Vicky is originally from Canada and he and his family have been involved in real estate from the time he was a child. This was a major factor that prompted Vicky to create his own company, 416HOMEZ Inc., which renovates and sells properties. 
Based in Canada, Vicky was looking to expand and grow his business into the U.S. market. To do so, he knew he needed to find the right attorneys to assist with his case and determine what steps he needed to take. Vicky did significant research shopping around for an attorney. Ultimately, he decided on Berardi Immigration Law after hearing many positive reviews. The same sentiments were echoed even by officers at the U.S. border when Vicky entered the United States. 
One of Vicky’s favorite parts of working with the team at Berardi Immigration Law was the prompt and consistent communication by email and by phone. Whenever Vicky had a question or wanted an update, the team was glad to speak with him. Having the support of Berardi Immigration Law took a weight off Vicky’s shoulders and allowed him to keep focusing on his family and business. Vicky was more than pleased by the team’s efforts and results: “This was very important to our careers and we wouldn’t go anywhere else if we had to do it again!”
Vicky and his wife, Sabrina, are now able to live and work in the U.S. with their visas. Vicky is looking forward to taking the next steps to expand his business. He also owns a real estate portfolio and is looking to grow it with the help of employees and lending partners. This opportunity has opened many doors for Vicky and his family, and he is excited to continue moving forward.
If you are interested in an E-2 visa or working in the United States, be sure to contact Berardi Immigration Law to set up a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys today!