New Bill Could Make E-3 Visas Available to Irish Nationals

Irish nationals interested in relocating and working in the United States might just be in luck. A bill providing Irish nationals with several thousand additional work visas annually is scheduled for a vote in the Senate. Outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan holds ancestral and political ties to Ireland and is responsible for pushing this bill. The bill has already passed the House and according to a Republican aide, the bill has a good chance of passing the Senate.  This bill would provide Irish nationals with access to E-3 visas. Currently, E-3 visas are only available for Australian nationals who have a legitimate offer of employment in the U.S., possess the necessary academic or other qualifying credentials, and will fill a position that qualifies as a specialty occupation. This visa category requires a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent. If this bill passes, in addition to Australian nationals, Irish nationals would also be eligible to apply for an E-3 nonimmigrant visa. The E-3 category would still favor Australian petitions, but Irish nationals would be able to access any of the E-3 program’s 10,500 visas not used by Australians.  This bill would allow for reciprocity, meaning more Americans would be able to be […]
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