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  • CGTN’s The World Today talks with Rosanna Berardi about Trump’s Work Visa Suspension

    Our Managing Partner, Rosanna Berardi, and CGTN’s Asieh Namdar discuss President’s Trump’s suspension of new work visas & barring foreigners from seeking employment in the United States
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  • Meet Nichole!

    In preparation for the new year, our team is growing!  We are so excited to welcome new Chief Financial Officer, Nichole Herr. To learn a bit more about she is, we interviewed her on her career, home, and things she loves. What led you to finance?  I fell in love with finance at my first job […]
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  • Meet Lucrecia!

    We are so excited to have new attorney Lucrecia Knapp join our team! Lucrecia brings years of immigration experience and is already fitting in with our team atmosphere. To learn a bit more about who she is, we interviewed Lucrecia on food, home, and what it’s like being an immigration attorney...
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  • Visa Services Interview: Toni Calliva, Visa Agent London

    1. Please provide a brief summary of your role in the Visa Services process at BIL. My role is to meet the clients at their visa appointments at the London Embassy. I bring all the required paperwork the client will need for their interview and take the client to the front of the appointment queue. […]
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  • Interview with Allison Gilbert, Visa Services Coordinator

    1. What is visa scheduling and why is it important? AG: When applying to work in the United States, it is a two-part processit is not over once U.S. Immigration approves your petition. Most applicants are required to attend a visa interview at a U.S. Embassy/Consulate abroad. 2. What makes the services offered at BIL […]
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