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Maeve O’Brien


Maeve O’Brien (she/they) is a welcome addition to the Berardi Immigration Law paralegal team! Maeve holds a BA in International Relations and Sociology from Canisius College. Her previous experience interning in the nonprofit sector fueled her passion for immigration issues. Subsequent work at a law firm not only provided her with valuable knowledge but also served as a catalyst for finding a meaningful outlet to channel her dedication.

Maeve has actively participated in campaigns for workers’ rights and contributed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at a Buffalo-based startup company. Maeve’s dedication to social justice, coupled with their multifaceted interests and experiences, makes them a valuable contributor to the causes they hold dear.

At Berardi Immigration Law, Maeve supports cases for both the U.S. and Canadian teams. During her free time, Maeve expresses her creativity through various art forms, travels to new destinations, and enjoys time in nature.