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Nick Russo

Client Care Specialist

Berardi Immigration Law is excited to welcome Nick Russo to the firm as our Client Care Specialist! Nick holds a BA in Communications & Public Relations from Daemen University and has a passion for working with publics of all varieties. Having prior experience in the education and service sectors, he has come to know the importance of ambition and how far-reaching the kindness afforded another person can be – both factors driving him to help others reach new heights themselves.

Nick is a champion for causes benefitting the terminally ill through his work with charitable organizations and fundraisers, and is a fervent believer in the oft-imagined “American Dream”. At Berardi Immigration Law, he works with new and prospective clients alike to connect them with one of our experienced attorneys – one whose own experience might best aid in our clients’ journey into the United States – while focusing on the person behind the story and their needs first and foremost.

A creative at his core, Nick spends his free time focusing those creative tendencies in sculpture, cooking, photography, and music. He enjoys entertaining others through the arts as well, and works on several online creator-driven projects to bring smiles and laughter to people around the world. We are thrilled to have Nick on our team!