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Testimonial Categories: Green Card

  • Daniel T.

    "I was looking to efficiently secure my US citizenship, after holding a Green Card for over 20 years. Berardi Immigration provided me clear advice and assistance in completing the paperwork. They always followed up to ensure that I was well prepared at every step. My favorite part of working with Berardi Immigration law was the responsiveness – questions are answered quickly, very competently, with clear direction and in a most friendly manner."

  • Cindy B.

    "We were looking for guidance in applying for sponsorship and immigration status. Berardi Immigration Law listened to our needs and put together a game plan that allowed us to be together while going through the application process. You explained the process for us and were available to answer questions in a manner that was easy to understand and alleviate any anxiety. The staff was friendly and professional. Materials were organized and came with clear and concise directions. Everyone we dealt with was professional and helpful. Any follow up needed was done in a timely manner. All in all, it was a very positive experience. We felt well taken care of at a challenging time for us. We are thankful and lucky to have made this journey with Berardi Immigration Law!"

  • Gianna

    "My husband, Kyle needed to get a TN visa and later on, a green card. Berardi Immigration Law was extremely helpful in clearly explaining what we needed to do, outlining the best way to do it, reminding us when deadlines were approaching and fixing any problems that arose. And of course, securing the visa and green card in the end. In all of this, the firm was quick to respond and very pleasant to work with. The experience was painless - and immigration dealings are often the opposite - and we knew we could always trust that Berardi Immigration Law would come through in the end. Having that trust gave us peace of mind during otherwise stressful times."

  • Fawn M.

    "My US permanent residency card expired and needed the 10-year renewal. With clear instructions and efficient direction, the renewal process was made simple, understandable and painless. Samantha Edlich was my favorite part of working with Berardi Immigration Law."

  • Maximilian S.

    "After working in the US under the O-1 non-immigrant visa I had made the decision to apply for the green card. Berardi Firm had helped me with my O-1 visa and I felt like I was in good hands for my immigrant visa application. The application process can seem complicated, confusing and overwhelming. Since the government has strict and precise requirements, applying for the Greencard is a serious but important step; Berardi Firm's guidance and advice lead to a successful application approval. I felt confident to leave such a critical task in their hands. The entire firm and Samantha Edlich were friendly and very helpful in guiding me through the process. Importantly, they understood my industry and job classification, thereby correctly advising on the supporting materials needed for a successful application. Without-a-doubt, the success of my application would not have been possible without Berardi and their stellar legal advisors. My favorite part of working with Berardi Immigration Law was the friendly, timely and professional responses throughout the process helped make it a smoother and easier experience."

  • Shahzeb B.

    "I wanted to move to the US long-term from Canada. The firm suggested I go through the L1-A (Inter-company Manager/Executive) visa process, since my company in Canada was willing me to transfer me to the US and this was the shortest path for me to get a green card in the US. I was a bit scared initially, as I did not have direct reports, nor was I a very senior person in my organization. I was only in my mid 20’s! Berardi Immigration crafted a brilliant case for me, as to how my job description and responsibilities fit with the guidelines provided by USCIS for my the Executive/Manager category. They left no stones unturned, were very meticulous and responsive. I had the utmost confidence that they knew what they were doing, which put me at ease throughout this process. They were also very responsive and made sure every question I had was answered. "

  • Lisa M.

    "Our granddaughter was thrown out of her home in Canada by her stepfather on her 16th birthday. We went through 3 attorneys trying to gain legal status for her in the U.S. Thanks to Rosanna and Kris, she now has her green card. Her life can begin."

  • Chris J.

    "Rosanna, thank you so much for all of your hard work! You and your staff were great to work with and provided us with the results we needed. I will call you when it’s time to renew my green card and look forward to you helping me apply for citizenship when the time comes."

  • Julian G.

    "Berardi helped me with my first L1 visa in April 2016, they then managed to get my extension without any delay, followed by my Green Card. Awesome people to work with, they kept me updated and copied on all the correspondence. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for visa support. The staff were fantastic, I was made to feel like a human being, almost a friend of the team."