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Testimonial Categories: Visa

  • Ceilidh M.

    5 stars - "Love working with Gabriella! They have an incredible team that is a pleasure to work with and I've successfully received 3 visas through them."

  • Araya S.

    "The team was professional and super diligent in processing my VISA. They were responsive and accommodated schedule which was appreciated. Thank you all."

  • James A.

    "Having just returned from the border with our L-1 Visa’s in hand, I want to thank you and your staff for the competent and professional job. Berardi Immigration made the entire Visa Application process organized, seamless, and clearly understood. From the very minute we began our phone consultation we felt comfortable with the CBP Visa Process. We would recommend Berardi Immigration without hesitation. Thank you for all your help."

  • Asligul A.

    "You will never look back if you make the decision to work with the team at Berardi. After multiple impersonal, unhelpful, and sometimes downright discouraging or rude meetings with potential immigration firms on both the East and West coast, I had the pleasure of connecting with Berardi and everything changed. They will be honest with you, yet demonstrate how much they value you at every opportunity. I've never met a more positive, transparent, and hardworking team. If you've found this review, don't bother looking anywhere else. I'm so grateful to the whole team for making my O-1B application smoother than I could have hoped for!"

  • Andre I.

    "I am at Pearson airport and entering into the U.S. for the first time after receiving my L1 Visa. I just wanted to let you know that I had no difficulties, and thankfully things seem to be back to where they were one year ago. Thank you for all of your assistance in clearing up things for me."

  • Kelly J.

    "I have nothing but great things to say! The experience was efficient and enjoyable. I will absolutely be coming back in three years when it's time for renewal."

  • Julia & Ashwani

    "Ashwani and I both found Gabriella and the Berardi Immigration Law Firm to be extremely professional, thorough, responsive, time effective, and helpful. The way the final documentation was presented, Ashwani believes this was one of the key factors as to why his application was processed so quickly without incident."

  • Julian G.

    "Berardi helped me with my first L1 visa in April 2016, they then managed to get my extension without any delay, followed by my Green Card. Awesome people to work with, they kept me updated and copied on all the correspondence. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for visa support. The staff were fantastic, I was made to feel like a human being, almost a friend of the team."

  • Ravi Shankar

    "My firm wanted to provide management consultancy services to a US-based company to advise its clients on optimum ERP strategy and related. As part of that, I needed to travel to the US to meet with the clients to provide the consultancy services agreement. I was very happy with (Berardi's) expertise of law and in advising on the best way to approach the US travel. You drafted the consultancy services agreement and the TN Management Consultant petition for my travel, representing my company very carefully and in full compliance of the law. When I went to the border to present and meet with the Officer, it was clear and the processing went quite smooth. (Thanks for) the knowledge and expertise of your counsel and the professionalism with which they handled my requirement."

  • Tamiko S.

    "Before finding Berardi Immigration, I was struggling to find a lawyer in the US that specializes in TN visas. I had undergone discovery calls with a number of firms, but none that I felt I could give my full confidence to in handling my application. I came across Berardi Immigration after a Google search and was immediately impressed by the knowledge, relevant years of experience, and raving reviews Rosanna and her team had accumulated. From my first interaction getting in contact with Rosanna to the touchpoints and interactions I had leading up to submitting the application, I was able to stay confident that the team I had entrusted with my case (and my future) were working diligently and efficiently to ensure the experience would be as seamless as possible. Thank you so much to Rosanna, Zach, and Sam for your empathy and support towards my application."