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A Busy and Successful Week at the Peace Bridge

Our attorneys presented a total of 5 L-1 applications and 1 TN application and all were approved!
On Tuesday, Rosanna Berardi, managing partner, accompanied three business professionals applying for L-1A status as managers/executives.  Ms. Berardi was requested to meet the clients at the Peace Bridge and assist them in presenting the applications to the Customs & Border Protection.  All three gentlemen were approved L-1 status for a 3-year period.
On Wednesday, attorney Jennifer Early met with a Computer Systems Analyst to renew his TN status on behalf of our client, a large IT firm with operations in Toronto and NYC.  The applicant was quickly granted status for 3 years.  Ms. Early also met with a second client, a Canadian business entrepreneur who wanted to open a new office in the U.S.  We determined his eligibility for L-1A status and prepared a comprehensive application package detailing the company’s operations in Canada, the company’s business plan for expansion in the U.S., and the client’s role as a company executive.  He was approved for a 1-year period.
On Thursday, Ms. Early met with a client to present another application for L-1A status.  Here, the applicant’s Canadian employer recently purchased a company in Buffalo and needed him to be able to periodically enter the U.S. and work as the Director of Finances.  The applicant was approved for 3-years without any issue.
With over 16-years experience, our attorneys regularly appear at the Peace Bridge with our clients to present their work permit applications.  We are experienced in helping both small and large companies facilitate the transfer of business personnel to the U.S. from Canada.  Our role is to strategize the immigration options available in light of your short and long term goals, draft the entire application on your behalf, and meet you at the Peace Bridge to present your application to the government.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation and allow us to assist you in crossing the border with confidence!