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Beauty without Borders: An E-2 Visa Success Story

In the competitive skincare industry, a Canadian entrepreneur with a successful product line sought to expand into the U.S. market. Understanding the complexity of U.S. immigration laws, the entrepreneur approached our firm for guidance on how to effectively expand their business across the border.

Strategic Planning

After a detailed discussion with our team, it was determined that the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa would be the most appropriate route. This decision set in motion a series of steps to create a significant presence for the entrepreneur’s business in the U.S.

Establishing Foundations

The entrepreneur formed a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the U.S., marking a critical step in her expansion efforts. This was followed by substantial investments in various startup essentials such as website development, branding, marketing, and other necessary services to ensure a strong start for the U.S. operations.

Navigating the Application Process

Our team took the lead in preparing and submitting the E-2 visa application to the U.S. Consulate in Toronto. The entrepreneur then attended an in-person visa interview, the case was approved, and she received a five-year E-2 visa, enabling her to enter the U.S. to lead and grow her new U.S. company.

The approval of the E-2 visa represented a significant milestone, yet the entrepreneur’s ambitions went further. The U.S. company was registered as an E visa business under the Canada E visa program, thereby enhancing its potential for expansion. This registration allows the company to sponsor additional Canadian citizens for E-2 employee visas, simplifying the process of transferring key personnel to support the company’s growth in the U.S.

Beyond the Entrepreneur

This endeavor also brought significant benefits to the entrepreneur’s family. E-2 dependent visas were issued to the entrepreneur’s spouse and children, enabling them to reside in the U.S. Furthermore, the entrepreneur’s spouse was authorized to seek employment, and their children gained the opportunity to attend school in the U.S.

Reflecting on the E-2 Visa Journey

This success story highlights the roadmap for international entrepreneurs aiming to realize their business aspirations in the U.S. By strategically investing, meticulously planning, and adeptly managing the E-2 visa process, the dream of expanding a business into the U.S. can become a reality.