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Becoming a U.S. Citizen Carries Numerous Advantages

The laws of the Constitution grant rights to both citizens and non-citizens who reside within the United States. However, becoming a U.S. citizen carries with it several benefits unavailable to non-citizens. According to the United States Custom and Immigration Services’ Guide to Naturalization, the following are some of the advantages of becoming a citizen:
Voting and Participation in the Electoral Process
In Federal elections, only U.S. citizens can vote. Further, voting in most state and local elections is also reserved for citizens. Having the right to vote and participate in the electoral process is the most significant way that citizens can influence local and federal governmental processes.
U.S. citizens have the ability to bring family members from other countries into the United States. Citizens generally get preferential consideration when asking the government to bring family members to the United States on a permanent basis. Another family benefit is the ability to obtain citizenship for children born abroad. In many cases, children born abroad to parents who are U.S. citizens are automatically citizens of the United States.
Worry Free Travel
Traveling with a U.S. passport allows quick and easy entry in and out of many countries. In addition, traveling abroad as a U.S. citizen allows you to get assistance from the United States government at embassies and consulates.
Citizenship affords benefits in regards to employment opportunities within the United States. Most jobs with federal agencies require U.S. citizenship. Furthermore, only U.S. citizens can hold elected offices. Many also enjoy employment serving their country in the military; to read our blog on Citizenship for Active Duty Military, please click here:
Other Benefits
Contrary to popular belief, in most cases, individuals who naturalize are not required to give up citizenship in their home county and can retain it as well as maintain U.S. citizenship.
Another benefit of naturalizing is gaining access to government benefits that are typically reserved only for U.S. citizens. Benefits such as Social Security that help provide for retirement and Federal Student Aid for help with education costs are just a couple of the many government benefits available to U.S. citizens.
If you are interested in finding out if you qualify for U.S. citizenship, please contact Berardi Immigration Law for a consultation.