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Berardi Immigration Law Recaps Recent Border-crossing Activities

Attorneys from Berardi Immigration Law have been very busy at the Peace Bridge these last few weeks, handling a wide variety of border-crossing activities. Here’s an update on a handful of successfully completed cases.
Last week, Jennifer Behm, our associate attorney, met with three clients to present their NAFTA applications.
TN for a Computer Systems Analyst. We prepared a petition for our corporate client and outlined the applicant’s role to provide computer systems analysis, systems integration and support services. CBP asked our client about the nature of his job duties, and he confidently explained his proposed job role in the U.S. This petition was approved for a three-year period.
L-1A for a Company Manager Under an Approved Blanket L Petition. Our individual client had been having problems with the issuance of her I-94 card at other port of entries. The regulations provide that a beneficiary may apply for admission to the United States while the Blanket petition is valid and that he or she may be admitted for three years even though the initial validity period of the blanket petition may expire before the end for the three-year period. Here, our Approval Notice showed a validity date through the end of April 2014. CBP officers had incorrectly issued her I-94 card only through the petition validity date. Ms. Behm prepared a new application and ensured that our client’s I-94 card was issued for the full three-year period requested. Now, our client can happily travel in and out of the U.S. with ease for her job over the next three years.
L-1B for an Individual of Specialized Knowledge. Our client had held L-1B status for five years, the maximum cap for holding status in this category. However, the regulations do allow for some flexibility for intermittent travelers. Here, our client primarily resided in Canada and only entered the U.S. for work on an as-needed basis. In doing so, he spent much less than 183 days in the U.S. We prepared a petition that outlined his travel records for the past 12-month period and included supporting documentation of his permanent ties to Canada. After CBP reviewed his petition and qualifications as a specialized knowledge employee, his L-1B status was renewed for a three-year period.
Berardi Immigration Law is experienced in helping both small and large companies facilitate the transfer of business personnel to the U.S. from Canada. Our role is to strategize the immigration options available in light of your short- and long-term goals, draft the entire application on your behalf and meet you at the Peace Bridge to present your application to the government. If you have any border-crossing questions or concerns, please contact us to schedule a consultation.