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Berardi Immigration Law’s Busy Month at the Border

DSCN1775During the last few weeks, Berardi Immigration Law met 12 clients at the Peace Bridge and assisted each in presenting their applications to Customs & Border Protection. Importantly, each of these cases was approved. As you will read below, the statuses sought by our clients included the L-1, TN and B-1 categories.
B-1 Visa for Religious Study and Service
While our most popular border applications include the TN and L-1 categories, our office frequently prepares B-1/B-2 packages for a variety of immigration-based circumstances. One such circumstance involves members of religious orders who plan to fulfill stages of religious discernment in the U.S. This week, we accompanied two members of religious life to the Peace Bridge to obtain B-1 visas for their upcoming period of service, study and prayer in the U.S. Both gentlemen were approved and were granted a one-year period of stay in the U.S. to continue their religious journeys.
TN Visas for Management Consultants 
As many are aware, the Management Consultant designation is among the most highly scrutinized of the TN categories. Fortunately for our clients, our highly experienced team regularly prepares applications for Management Consultants with very high levels of success. This month we brought several individuals seeking this designation to the border and all were approved. While these individuals had very different industry backgrounds, they were all engaged to provide strategic recommendations to U.S.-based businesses to enhance operational efficiency and achieve higher business outcomes through our clients’ consultancy services.
L-1A Visas for Corporate Executives
Our attorneys are highly experienced in helping companies of all sizes transfer business personnel to the U.S. from Canada. These personnel range from employees with specialized knowledge, multi-level managers and executives at the highest level. This month, we prepared and presented many applications on behalf of corporate executives, including CEOs and other high-level directors. Through our successful documentation of each individual’s role in Canada as well as in the U.S., along with a host of other evidence, each individual was approved.
As immigration attorneys, we strategize the best immigration options for our clients, draft a comprehensive application on their behalf, and accompany them at the Peace Bridge to present applications to the government. Allow us to help you cross the border with confidence by calling or emailing Berardi Immigration Law today for a consultation.