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Beyond the Border

Earlier this month, Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) and Canada Border Services Agency (“CBSA”) had two meetings in Niagara Falls, New York and Toronto, Ontario to discuss the joint U.S.-Canada declaration of a shared approach to security, also known as the Beyond the Border Action Plan.
As a result of this plan, CBP and CBSA will be providing training to their officers and updating operational handbooks in an effort to achieve consistency at all ports-of-entry on B-1 business traveler issues.   Additionally, changes will be made to existing rules for B-1 visitors who provide after-sale services to include those who provide after-lease services.   Further, advanced adjudication of employment and related petitions may be implemented so that potential issues may be resolved prior to an individuals actual travel date.  Finally, significant upgrades in physical infrastructure at key crossings will be made in an effort to relieve congestion and speed up travel across the border.  The Peace Bridge and Lewiston Bridge in New York are initial priorities.
The Beyond the Border agreement is aimed at strengthening and expediting trade and travel between the U.S. and Canada while enhancing national security for both countries.  In particular, accelerating the legitimate flow of people, goods and services across and beyond the border.
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Page summary:  The U.S. and Canadian border have increased security measures and law enforcement agencies may share criminal records.