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BIL Busy at the Border Helping Individuals Work in the U.S.

The summer months have been a busy time at the border for Berardi Immigration Law.  Managing Partner Rosanna Berardi, Associate Attorney Jennifer Early, and our NAFTA Paralegal, Sam Tiranno, have appeared several times each week with our clients to present applications for foreign employees to work in the U.S.  Some of our recent cases include the following:

  • L-1A Approval for Managers: Approved

Last week, we had 3 L-1A approvals.  Our firm regularly presents comprehensive L-1A packages on behalf of Canadian companies – both large and small – who wish to transfer their key employees into the U.S.  We also assist companies in starting a new office stateside.  Our high approval rating with these applications is a true testament to our staff’s knowledge and understanding of the government’s requirements and CBP’s day-to-day adjudication of these applications.

  • Request for Admissibility as a “B-1 in lieu of H-1” Business Visitor:  Approved

Our client from Poland is employed with an IT company in Canada.  He recently obtained a 10-year visitor’s visa in his passport.  He was needed to work on a time-sensitive 8-week project in the United States and did not have the flexibility to reappear at the U.S. Consulate to obtain a “B-1 in lieu of H-1” notated visa, which the government prefers.  Our firm presented a package outlining his qualifications under the government’s specific criteria for this exception.  We requested that he be admitted as a B-1 visitor to perform H-1 level, hands-on work for a limited project.  Our client was admitted for the duration of the project and obtained an I-94 card notating this.

  • TN Graphic Designer, Computer Systems Analysts, Engineers, and Management Consultants: Approved

In just the month of July, we presented over 10 TN applications in a variety of designations that were all approved.  The NAFTA Treaty allows Canadians working in specific fields to enter the U.S. based on their academic and/or educational credentials.

  • Request for Admissibility as a “B-1 Religious Volunteer”: Approved

Our client was denied entry prior to calling our firm.  She had stayed in the U.S. for an extended amount of time to volunteer with a non-profit, religious organization and was refused admission following a weekend trip home.  CBP questioned her nonimmigrant intent and requested further evidence of her volunteer work.  Our firm prepared a packet with documentation showing her church’s non-profit status, information about her volunteer work, and evidence of her permanent residence in Canada.  She was admitted and has not had any subsequent problems crossing the border.
Berardi Immigration Law represents clients at the U.S./Canadian border on almost a daily basis.  If you have questions about admissibility or other issues, contact us to schedule a consultation so you can cross the border with confidence.