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BIL Lawyers Speak at AILA Conference

BIL Lawyers Speak at AILA Conference
On September 25, 2015, Berardi Immigration Law’s very own Rosanna Berardi and Jennifer Behm spoke on expert panels at AILA’s Annual Northern Border Immigration Conference in Clayton, New York. BIL was the only firm at the conference with attorneys presenting on two separate panels.
This year’s conference was entitled “Strictly Business” and focused solely on topics in employment-based immigration. The event had an impressive list of speakers, including a CBP Panel with top officials and key representatives from CBP Headquarters and a panel featuring Consular Officers from the U.S. Consulate in Toronto.
Rosanna Berardi led the first session of the day. The session was themed “Canada/U.S. Border Update: Practice and Policy in the U.S.” and explored new trends and developments in border practice. During this session, CBP officials provided useful feedback to the lawyers in the audience who were asking questions related to the discussion topic. Ms. Berardi specifically presented the officers with questions regarding required travel materials, government-issued immigration documents and associated validity dates, Blanket L-1 applications, TN applications, unlawful presence issues, and many other matters. This open dialogue proved helpful for both the attorneys in attendance as well as for the presiding officers.
Jennifer Behm presented at the following session, “Work Authorization Options under NAFTA.” This panel was moderated by a fellow Buffalo-based immigration attorney and also featured a Canadian immigration attorney. Ms. Behm discussed the L-1B visa category at length, providing insight on the new L-1B USCIS memo and sharing tips on proving “specialized knowledge.” She also discussed the presentation of Blanket L applications at a border port of entry and filing strategies for TN applications. Throughout the panel, her co-panelist shared the Canadian immigration law perspective on each topic.
The event also included discussions on corporate tax and finance for foreign investors and businesses, a discussion on the EB-5 immigrant visa category, an ethics discussion, and a pro-bono forum.
Berardi Immigration Law is proud to assist corporations and business professionals with their immigration needs. Each year, we prepare numerous immigrant and nonimmigrant visa applications for business professionals of all backgrounds. To learn if you or your employees may qualify for one of these visas, please contact Berardi Immigration Law to arrange a consultation with one of our attorneys.