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Biometrics Based Alien Tracking System Coming Soon

The Department of Homeland Security has announced its plan to finalize an alien exit tracking system based on biometrics data verification and will present it to Congress within weeks.
While aliens entering the U.S. legally are tracked, a reliable exit system to verify who has left and when has been sought since before 9/11.  It is estimated that out of the millions of individuals who are in the U.S. illegally, 40% entered with visas and cleared CBP.
Questions remain as to how the program will be implemented.  (For instance, via the US-VISIT program, Visa-Waiver program or through TSA checkpoints.)  In addition, concerns regarding privacy rights versus national security issues remain.  From a practical standpoint while exit kiosks or checkpoints may work at airports and sea ports, how would the program be implemented at major border crossings such as the Buffalo-Niagara region where traffic stoppage may be an issue?
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Page summary:  CBP plans on implementing a biometrics-based alien exit tracking system.