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Biometrics Notice Code – What does it mean?

Biometrics Notice Code – What does it mean
USCIS places a biometrics notice code in the upper right corner of the ASC notice to tell the ASC what data they need.
Here is what those codes mean:

1 – 10 Prints Only
USCIS will take a scan of your fingerprints
2 – Photo, Signature, Index Finger Print
USCIS will take a digital photo, obtain your signature, and finger print your index finger

3 – 10 prints, photos, signature, and Index finger print
All of the above.

Code 1 is all 10 fingerprints. This is electronically sent to the FBI the same day, and they run it through their database to match it with any criminals or persons of interest and send the results back to USCIS the same day (or the next day). Code 1 is a very important part of your background check and determines admissibility for a green card.
Code 2 is for cards of immigration benefits, such as an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) or green card.
Code 3 is a combination of codes 1 and 2 and happens when USCIS wants both a background check as well as to generate a green card or EAD for you.
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