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Breaking News: Premium Processing Now Available for Fiscal Year 2019 H-1B Cap Cases

After months of suspension, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will resume premium processing for fiscal year 2019 H-1B petitions as of January 28, 2019. This includes the advanced degree exemption cases, often referred to as the “master’s cap.” In 2018, USCIS announced that H-1B premium processing would be suspended until February 2019 to reduce delays in processing and to address the backlog present in this highly sought-after category.
While fiscal year 2019 cap cases and master’s cap cases will be eligible for premium processing going forward, USCIS noted that this service will remain suspended for all other H-1B petitions that were impacted by the original memo outlining the parameters of the suspension. Currently, premium processing is only available for pending fiscal year 2019 H-1B petitions, as the cap has already been met. USCIS plans to resume premium processing for all remaining H-1B petitions as the agency’s workload permits. 
The H-1B category provides work authorization for specialty occupations and receives many petitions every year. Premium processing creates a fast track allowing applicants to receive an answer on a petition within 15 calendar days, giving applicants peace of mind. 
If you are interested in applying for an H-1B visa or would like to learn more about this category, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys!