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Bridging Borders: Celebrating a 3-year TN approval for a Civil Engineer

Our firm is proud to announce a recent TN approval for a Canadian citizen who needs to come to the U.S. periodically to work on projects as a Civil Engineer on behalf of a U.S. engineering firm. This approval marks a pivotal step in the engineer’s career and reinforces the bridge of talent and expertise between the U.S. and Canada.

The TN Visa: A Gateway for Professional Excellence

The TN visa category, created under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), now continued under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), serves as a testament to the strong economic and social ties among the member countries. It offers a streamlined pathway for Canadian and Mexican citizens to engage in professional activities in the U.S., reflecting a shared commitment to mutual benefit and cooperation in the professional realm.

Our Role & Commitment

This particular applicant specializes in the design and development of critical infrastructure projects including tall buildings, bridges, and other slender structures. In submitting the application we emphasized his education credentials—particularly his bachelor of engineering and management degree in civil engineering—to show he qualifies for TN status. We also provided a detailed job description, outlining particular projects the applicant would be working on while in the U.S. 

Our role extended beyond mere legal representation; we acted as strategic advisors, ensuring that all procedural requirements were meticulously met to secure the TN approval. From evaluating eligibility criteria and preparing a comprehensive application to navigating the complexities of the approval process, our team ensured a smooth and successful outcome.

TN Application Process

The TN applicant ultimately applied for TN status directly at the border. He drove from his home in Canada to the Peace Bridge and brought his full application packet, which contained supporting evidence that outlined his U.S. job duties, education, and experience. After a brief in person interview with a reviewing officer, the applicant was ultimately approved TN status for a three-year period.  

This TN approval will allow the applicant to travel to the U.S. as needed to work on major U.S. infrastructure projects. His services will help enhance the U.S. infrastructure landscape, driving innovations and building safer, more resilient structures that enhance urban living. Be sure to check back in for more immigration updates and client success stories!