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Case Study: Elderly Woman Turned Away at Border, Later Admitted

Last week, Berardi Immigration Law represented an elderly Canadian woman who had been turned away at the Peace Bridge as a visitor.  The recent widow, who had wintered in Florida as a “snow-bird” with her U.S. citizen husband, was attempting to enter the U.S. in order to sell their belongings and settle her late husband’s estate.
This was an extremely compelling case.  CBP initially argued that the retiree did not have sufficient ties to Canada to be admitted as a visitor.  The woman, still reeling after her husband’s death, had returned to Canada to live with one of her children.  After entering the U.S. periodically for many years without issue, she was completely unprepared when she was refused entry.  You may view a short video on the basics of entering the U.S. by clicking here.
To demonstrate that our client qualified as a B-2 visitor, we prepared a document describing her background and basis for admissibility which included supporting documentation to further strengthen the case.  Ms. Berardi also escalated the case to the attention of the Chief Inspector at the Peace Bridge.
When the package was complete, Ms. Berardi met our client at the border and submitted the documentation to CBP.  Our client’s application for admission was approved immediately and she was able to continue on to Florida to tie up her affairs.
If you have been turned away or refused entry at the border, Berardi Immigration Law can help.  Call us at 877-721-6100 or click here to send us an email.
 Page summary:  Elderly widow turned away at border later admitted after retaining Rosanna Berardi.