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Case Study: L-1A Status Granted to Foreign Executive

Recently, Berardi Immigration Law was retained by a high-level Norwegian executive working for an existing corporation who wanted to expand into the United States.
Rosanna Berardi reviewed the facts and concluded that because there would be affiliated foreign and U.S. corporations, as well as other pertinent requirements being met, the business person qualified for L-1A, intra-company transferee status.
Based on recent trends from the CIS Service Centers, this case was prepared in a way to address issues typically being asked for in “RFEs.”  In particular, this was a “new office” situation which also requires that additional specific information be submitted.  To demonstrate that our client qualified for L-1A status, our highly trained staff prepared the requisite forms and a letter outlining the basis for eligibility.  This included comprehensive supporting documentation to further strengthen the case and proactively address new CIS requirements.  The petition, which consisted of nearly 275 pages of carefully organized documentation, was then filed under the Premium Processing program with CIS.
14 days later, the case was approved with no further questions asked and our client was able to apply for his L-1A visa.  He was then admitted to the U.S. and has been able to start up his U.S. operations.
Page summary:  Foreign executive granted L-1A status allowing him to commence business operations in the U.S.