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New Immigrant Fee Payment Process for New Green Card Holders

Earlier this month, USCIS announced that they are moving the existing online payment for the “USCIS Immigrant Fee” to its Electronic Immigration System (USCIS ELIS).  Green card holders pay this fee as part of their initial entry to the U.S.
USCIS began collecting the $165 fee of from foreign nationals seeking permanent residence in the U.S. just this past February to help them recover the costs of processing the 36,000 immigration visa packages received each month. The USCIS Immigrant Fee is a separate fee from the Department of State immigrant visa application
Currently, immigrants who receive their visas at U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad pay the required fee online. However, under the new process, customers will pay the fee using USCIS ELIS after they receive their immigrant visa package from the Department of State and before they depart for the United States. USCIS ELIS is easy to use and provides direct access to case status updates.  The fee does not apply to certain special immigrants and those entering the U.S. through the inter-country adoption programs.
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