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CIR Bill Heading to Senate Next Week?

Berardi Immigration Law is closely following the bipartisan plans for comprehensive immigration reform.   The proposed bill aims to protect family immigration while simultaneously shifting towards a system that will provide opportunities for foreigners who can bring work-skills to the United States.
The bill has been reported to include the following provisions, among many others:

  • A new merit-based program for foreigners to become permanent legal residents based on their work skills, including both high-skilled and labor/trade workers;
  • Measures to eliminate a 10+ year backlog and accelerate green card processing for over 4.5 million immigrants who have applied for permanent residency;
  • A long-term path to citizenship for an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. without authorization.

Green CardReports indicate that while the final draft of the bill is not yet complete, Senate Republicans and Democrats have reached general agreement on major pieces and hope to present it next week.  The future of the bill once it reaches the House of Representatives is less clear.
Our green card Attorneys are ready to provide advice to individuals and families who are either ready to apply for green cards now or who anticipate filing based on the results of the comprehensive immigration reform initiatives currently underway.  Contact us to schedule a consultation.