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Client Success Story: Fichman Furniture

RadiatorToronto-native Erran Fichman came to Berardi Immigration Law just three years ago wondering how he could expand his furniture business to the United States. Fichman owns Fichman Furniture (, a company that designs and manufactures custom radiator covers. After successfully running his business for seven years in Canada, the demand for his product grew exponentially. It was time for Fichman Furniture to branch out.
In 2012, Berardi Immigration Law prepared an L-1A application for Erran Fichman. After accompanying Erran to the Peace Bridge to present the petition, his application was approved! Erran then purchased an 8,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in the Western New York area of Holland. This new facility was selected to help reduce the shipping costs of raw materials and finished goods, in order to avoid the headache of cross-border logistics.
Three years later, we are happy to report that Fichman Furniture sales have doubled since the move to the United States and shipping costs have been cut in half! A whopping 95 percent of Fichman Furniture sales are here in the U.S. While labor costs remain about the same, Erran has noted that his company is able to produce their radiator covers in half the time it took in Toronto. With recent improvements in technology and machinery, the manufacturing facility remains more productive, while still ensuring the highest standards of safety. Fichman Furniture also employs six people in the U.S. with plans to add additional workers in the future.
Berardi Immigration Law is thrilled that we were able to assist Erran Fichman in successfully reaching his U.S. expansion goals. If you are an entrepreneur looking to expand your foreign business, please contact our office today to discuss your options with one of our knowledgeable attorneys!