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Client Testimonial from Pierre Lauzon, Management Consultant

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Mr. Pierre Lauzon received an opportunity to provide management consulting services to Gogo Inc., a provider of in-flight connectivity and wireless entertainment solutions for the global aviation industry. All he needed was an approved TN visa that would allow him to successfully enter and work in the United States. Unsure of how to complete the proper documentation, Pierre came to Berardi Immigration Law for guidance.

“The challenge was to fill out all the documentation in line with the related U.S. laws. You did exactly this relatively quick and very successfully,” Pierre explained.

Our attorneys at Berardi Immigration Law are extremely knowledgeable about TN visas. They also frequent the Buffalo Peace Bridge multiple times per week to represent our clients and facilitate the TN adjudication process.

Our firm prepared a comprehensive TN application for Pierre, and Gabriella Agostinelli, Esq., an attorney with our firm, accompanied Pierre to the Buffalo Peace Bridge to present his application to CBP.  “I was very impressed by the document that was presented,” Pierre said.

And Pierre’s favorite part of working with us? “The support at the Custom and Border Protection, the efficiency and the professionalism of the relationship,” Pierre said.

If you are interested in applying for a TN visa, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys today!