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Client Testimonial from Raza Kamran, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at RingCentral

Canada and United States flags flying together for diplomatic talksRaza Kamran, the Senior Manager of Product Marketing at RingCentral, had an opportunity to transfer his position in Canada to a division of RingCentral located in the United States. All he needed for the move was an approved L-1A visa that would allow him to transfer from the Canadian division and successfully enter the United States. A challenging process, Raza came to Berardi Immigration Law for guidance.

“Berardi Immigration Law came up with a very comprehensive case,” explained Raza. “The lawyer I engaged with, Jennifer Behm, was not only professional but tenacious and driven to ensure the best possible outcome for me.” Raza spoke to Jennifer’s knowledge and experience, which showed not only through the strong case she put together for the border but also through her quick resolution of last minute questions from the immigration officer.

“Had I not engaged Berardi, I don’t think my case would have went through as smoothly as it did,” Raza said.

Our attorneys at Berardi Immigration Law are extremely knowledgeable about the L-1A process and have assisted hundreds of applicants through a successful border entry. Raza noted the extensive knowledge our attorneys possess on the process of an L-1A application. “I was very impressed by the fact that the team was not only thorough in the approach but also extremely knowledgeable about the end-to-end process.”

And Raza’s favorite part of working with us? “The professionalism of the staff,” Raza said. “All the I’s were dotted and T’s crossed before we reached the border. This really put my mind at ease.”

If you are interested in applying for an L-1 visa, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys today!