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When NOT to listen to the little voice inside your head …

Often times clients come to Berardi Immigration Law once they have hit a problem in their immigration pursuits.  While most times, we are able to help the client and provide a solution to their problems; that may not always be the situation.  Therefore, to avoid extra undue stress, consider contacting us before you start your immigration process:

  • “They are just forms, I can fill them out myself.” 
    While this is true, forms tend to have their own little peculiarities that are not necessarily evident via research, websites, chat forums and/or friends.  By not knowing the specific requirements of each form, one misstep can cause great delays in the processing of your case or even (in some situations) denials.
  • “I looked on the internet and I know I qualify for this type of visa.” 
    Yes, the internet provides much information but it does not always provide all the information.  Also, information found on the internet is can be inaccurate or outdated.  If you know what type of visa you want to apply for, call for a consultation   We will review your case and not only make sure you are truly a candidate for that particular status, but we will also provide you with any alternative options that may be available to you.
  • “My friend did it themselves and were approved.”
    Every case is different, no matter the similarities.  While you and your friend might think you have the “same type of case,” the fact is that one slight difference can change things greatly.  The Officer adjudicating your petition does not look at that “other” petition, they only look at the case in front of them.  You should not compare your case to your friends.  The simple fact of being from different countries might impact one’s case.  Do not rely on your friend’s experience, because after all this is your immigration process.

Immigration rules, procedures, and regulations are consistently changing.  Therefore, stay ahead and prepare yourself before you file your application  In the end, it will save you time, money, and stress.  Contact Berardi Immigration Law for a consultation.