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E-2 Visa Success Story: Canadian Truck Restoration Business Goes South

In the realm of business, the allure of international expansion is a testament to a company’s success and a gateway to untapped markets. This story highlights the ambitious journey of a Canadian truck restoration business owner who sought to expand his thriving company into the United States.

The Journey Begins

The client, operating a thriving truck restoration business in Canada, started receiving service requests from potential U.S. clients. Recognizing the opportunity for growth, he approached our firm to explore avenues for expanding his business stateside. After a thorough discussion, we identified the E-2 treaty investor visa as the most viable option for his ambitions.

Laying the Groundwork

The initial steps towards expansion were meticulously planned and executed:

  • LLC Formation: The client established a Limited Liability Company in the U.S., marking the first legal footprint of his business in the country.
  • Choosing the Perfect Location: Understanding the importance of location, he leased a large garage in Texas, an ideal spot chosen for its strategic proximity to potential U.S. clients and the vibrant automotive community in the area.
  • Investing in the Future: With an investment exceeding $100,000, the client covered startup costs that included company registration, securing a workshop lease, and acquiring the necessary parts, tools, and equipment. Notably, he brought equipment and tools he already owned from Canada, their value appraised and included in the investment, demonstrating his commitment and belief in his new U.S. business.
  • Building Connections and Gaining Traction: To solidify the U.S. venture’s foundation, our client obtained letters of intent from several prospective U.S. clients. These letters were a testament to the demand for his services and trust in the quality of his work.

The Visa Process

With the business poised to begin operating, we proceeded to submit the E-2 visa application to the U.S. consulate in Toronto. The application process culminated in an in-person interview, after which the client was granted a five-year E-2 visa. Additionally, his spouse received an E-2 dependent visa, complete with work authorization, ensuring the family’s transition to the U.S. was seamless.

A Bright Future Ahead

With his U.S. company now registered as an E visa business under the Canada E Visa Program, our client has the opportunity to sponsor additional Canadian citizens for E-2 employee visas. This capability not only speaks to the potential for future growth but also to the client’s role in fostering cross-border business relations and opportunities.

Reflections on Growth and Opportunity

This expansion story underscores the power of vision, planning, and the drive to bring a dream to fruition. Our client’s successful entry into the U.S. market is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and also highlights the opportunities that the E-2 treaty investor visa can unlock for businesses looking to cross borders. Contact us if you need help!