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E-2 Visa Success Story: Opening a Hotel in the US

At Berardi Immigration Law, we recently had the pleasure of guiding a Canadian entrepreneur through the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa process. This client’s journey not only underscores the potential of the E-2 visa for business expansion but also showcases our commitment to stress free and successful immigration experiences.

Client Background

Our client, an experienced hotel operator in Canada, sought to expand his business into the U.S. market. With a clear vision for growth, he approached us to understand how he could leverage the E-2 visa to open a new hotel in the United States.

The Investment 

To qualify for the E-2 visa, our client established a U.S.-based company and invested in building a new hotel. His investment included the costs of purchasing land, construction, and various startup expenses such as legal fees, marketing, and travel.

The Application Process

After completing the construction, we prepared and submitted an E-2 visa application for our client. The application highlighted his business plan, emphasizing the potential for job creation and revenue generation in the U.S. We aimed to present a clear and compelling case to the U.S. Consulate in Toronto, outlining the viability and benefits of our client’s new venture.

Visa Interview & Approval

Our client attended the visa interview well-prepared and ready to discuss his business plans and investment details. His preparation paid off, and he was granted a five-year E-2 visa. Additionally, his U.S. company was registered under the Canada E Visa Program, which allows for the sponsorship of other Canadian citizens under E-2 visas to support his business’s growth.

This case highlights the importance of thorough preparation and clear business objectives when applying for an E-2 visa. Our client’s dedication to creating new jobs and contributing to economic growth in the U.S. was a significant factor in the success of his application.

Thinking about expanding your business into the U.S.? Contact Berardi Immigration Law to explore how the E-2 visa might be right for you and let us help you take your business to new heights.