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E-2 Visa Success Story: Opening a Modern Indoor Sports Training Facility

Our team at Berardi Immigration Law recently assisted a client with an exciting venture: establishing a modern indoor sports training facility in the United States. This facility focuses on comprehensive athlete development, offering programs that enhance physical abilities like speed and strength alongside mental skills.

Client’s Vision & Business Setup

The client envisioned a temperature-controlled facility equipped with multi-use sports fields and batting cages. The goal was to provide a variety of training programs that emphasize safe, enjoyable, and holistic approaches to youth sports.

Investment & Business Formation

To bring this vision to life, the client formed a U.S. company and invested in setting up the business. This investment included costs for renting and remodeling a space to meet the specific needs of the training programs, as well as purchasing necessary equipment. Additional startup costs covered consulting, legal fees, marketing, and insurance.

E-2 Visa Application Process

After establishing the business, we prepared and submitted an E-2 visa application to the U.S. Consulate in Toronto. The application outlined the client’s investment and the business plan, highlighting the potential for economic impact and job creation.

Visa Approval & Registration

The client successfully attended an in-person visa interview, resulting in the issuance of a five-year E-2 visa. Additionally, the client’s U.S. company was registered as an E visa business under the Canada E visa program. This registration allows the company to sponsor additional Canadian citizens for E-2 visas, facilitating further growth.

Looking Ahead

This case exemplifies the opportunities the E-2 visa offers to entrepreneurs who wish to invest in the U.S. and foster international talent. If you are considering a similar path, our team at Berardi Immigration Law is here to provide guidance and support through the visa application process.