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E-Verify Users: Be Sure to Access Your Account Before August 1 to Avoid Deactivation

Berardi logoOn August 1, 2016, E-Verify will begin deactivating user IDs that have not been accessed for 270 days (approximately every nine months).

How can I avoid deactivation of my user ID?
Users can avoid deactivation by logging in with their user ID at least once every 270 days.

What should Corporate Administrators and Program Administrators do before August 1?
Corporate and program administrators should do the following before August 1:
• Log in to E-Verify before August 1 if they have not accessed E-Verify for 270 days;
• Review all user IDs for their company account to determine if E-Verify access is still required for any of those users; and
• Terminate any active user IDs that no longer need access to E-Verify.

What should General Users do before August 1?
General E-Verify users should also log in every 270 days.

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