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Easing the Nonimmigrant Visa Application Process

Berardi Immigration Law, and our clients share the goal of an expedient and successful visa application process.  Achieving this vision relies on a myriad of factors, most importantly the expectations and requirements of the respective U.S. Consulate or Embassy.
It is often difficult to navigate the varying information contained on Consular websites and nearly impossible to obtain real-time responses from U.S. posts to questions that are not specifically addressed on each website regarding proper procedure.  However, failure to adhere to the guidelines required by a particular Consulate or Embassy can result in delays or even denials of an individual’s nonimmigrant visa application.
The Universal Visa Services Division of Berardi Immigration Law can eliminate the uncertainty associated with the nonimmigrant visa process. Prior to submitting an application, we review and confirm specific post’s visa operations and particular application procedures.  Our highly trained staff is well-versed on the interview scheduling process and maintains the goal of securing an appointment as quickly as possible.  Our office works closely with the applicant to obtain relevant immigration history and background information so that there are no “surprises” at the interview.  In complicated cases, we work to address potential issues prior to submission.  Universal Visa Services ensures that the relevant forms are completed and submitted correctly and prepares clients on what to expect.
Rosanna Berardi takes the anxiety and stress out of the nonimmigrant visa application process.  We urge you to contact us by calling 877-721-6100 or send an e-mail by clicking here.