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Featured Client of the Month: Jim Armstrong

Berardi Immigration Law recently helped Jim Armstrong successfully apply for and obtain TN work authorization in order to work for a company in the United States. Jim reached out to Berardi Immigration Law following an offer of employment from Best Approach Publications, located in Arizona. 
Before reaching out to Berardi Immigration Law, Jim contacted several other attorneys regarding his immigration matter. After his consult call, Jim immediately knew he wanted to work with the attorneys here at Berardi. He says, “Berardi was a breath of fresh air and as soon as I got off the phone following my initial consultation I knew I would be hiring them.” The structure and organization the entire staff provided made the entire process run efficiently, smoothly and without any surprises along the way. 
After determining that TN work authorization was the best option for Jim based on his citizenship and previous work experience, his attorney took care of the entire process. Jim was more than thrilled with the assistance he received. “It became clear right away that this was a dedicated and highly efficient team that was prepared to listen to my needs, understand my case and provide the service required to assist me.”
Jim was also impressed by the individualized support he received from the entire staff. He particularly appreciated that his attorney met him at the border prior to his scheduled meeting with U.S. Customs. Currently, Jim is happily living in the United States and enjoying his employment with Best Approach Publications. We are glad we could help Jim achieve his goal of furthering his career in the United States and help Best Approach gain a valuable asset to their company!
If you are interested in applying for TN work authorization or working in the U.S., please contact Berardi Immigration Law to speak with one of our attorneys today!