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Holiday Weekend Border Crossing Refresher

Berardi Immigration Law would like to remind you that if you are planning a trip across the border for the Presidents Day/Family Day long weekend to plan for heavier than usual traffic and to ensure that you have the proper documents necessary for travel.
Under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), U.S. and Canadian citizens who are 16 years of age or older must present a valid, acceptable travel document denoting both identity and citizenship.  Typically, this means a passport or enhanced drivers license, and Form I-551 (green card) if applicable.  Children under the age of 16 may present an original long-form birth certificate.
Delays at the border are expected however being prepared can ease the inspection process.  Each individual should have their travel document ready to be handed over to the CBP Inspector and can anticipate being asked to declare any items being brought in to the U.S.  Phone conversations should be ended prior to entering the inspection area and passengers should give their full attention to the CBP Inspector.  We would recommend turning off the radio and any other electronic or entertainment devices.  Travelers should allot extra time into their schedules for crossing the border.  Border wait times can be tracked on the CBP website by clicking here. Each border location updates its estimated wait times hourly.
Berardi Immigration Law appears at the Peace Bridge several times a week to represent Canadian clients with regard to their U.S. immigration matters.  If you believe that you may require the services of an experienced immigration attorney we urge you to contact us at 877-721-6100 or send an e-mail by clicking here.
Page summary:  It is important to cross the border with appropriate WHTI travel documents.  Being prepared will ensure a more efficient inspection process.