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Humanitarian Parole Request Case Summary: Funeral

In this video, Associate Attorney Zach Ahlstrom details our client’s successful humanitarian parole application presented to Customs and Border Protection at the Peace Bridge port of entry located in Buffalo, NY. Humanitarian parole is used when an individual is inadmissible to the United States and has an urgent need to enter.

In this case, our client was a lawful permanent resident of Canada and did not have a visa. Because of President Trump’s most recent executive order barring the issuance of visas in certain categories, our client was unable to obtain a visa. Our client needed to enter the U.S. for the funeral of an immediate family member. Our office prepared a humanitarian parole packet. Our client was successfully able to enter the U.S. for the funeral.

If you have an urgent need to be in the United States and believe you may qualify for humanitarian parole, be sure to reach out to Berardi Immigration law today!