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Humanitarian Parole Request Case Summary

In this video, Associate Attorney Zach Ahlstrom details his recent humanitarian parole case presented at the Peace Bridge port of entry here in Buffalo, NY. Humanitarian parole requests are a bit more rare than our TN or L-1 cases. A humanitarian parole request involves asking Customs and Border protection to admit an individual who would normally be unable to enter the U.S. There must also be an emergent need for the entry.

In this case, our client’s U.S. citizen wife was going to be receiving an emergency surgery here in the U.S. Our client needed to be able to be with his wife both for the surgery, as well as to care for her afterwards. We submitted a humanitarian parole packet to CBP and our client was successfully approved for the length of his wife’s recovery.

If you have an emergent need to enter the U.S. and believe you may qualify for humanitarian parole, be sure to contact Berardi Immigration Law to schedule a consult with one of our attorneys today!