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Immigration-related Issues Brought to Closure at Peace Bridge

Rosanna Berardi (our managing partner) and Jennifer Behm (our associate attorney) met with a total of six clients at the Peace Bridge this week to handle a variety of immigration-related issues. Each individual that we worked with was approved. Here’s a recap of how our team has been keeping busy with a variety of NAFTA immigration matters.
• Our Canadian client had an impressive background in the sustainable fashion industry and several related academic degrees. After reviewing a description of her job offer with a sustainable retail fashion firm in New York City, we determined that she qualified as a TN Management Consultant. Her employer desired that she provide her unique industry expertise in helping the company strategically grow their business operations and make recommendations for improvements and development. We drafted a detailed letter of support and prepared a package that outlined both her academic and experience qualifications to act as a consultant. Our client was approved for TN status for a three-year period. You can read her positive review of our services here: 
• A longstanding corporate client of Berardi Immigration Law is a company that creates, installs and services technology solutions for the food service industry (e.g. drive-thru technology). Three years ago we obtained an L-1A permit for a Canadian employee, and it was time for his renewal. While the company’s operations are much stronger in Canada, we prepared a package outlining the sales, team and viability of the company’s operations in Michigan. We also outlined the applicant’s managerial authority over the Canadian and U.S. team. He was approved for a two-year period upon his meeting with Rosanna and CBP at the Peace Bridge.
• An individual contacted our firm last month to review a TN application his U.S. employer prepared on his behalf. He had a job offer as an economist and was very accomplished in his academic background. We accompanied him at the Peace Bridge to give him the reassurance and peace of mind that we’d be available to facilitate the conversation with CBP. He was quickly approved with TN status for a three-year period.
• One of Berardi’s largest corporate clients was approved Blanket L status in 2011. (For more information on the Blanket L classification, please visit our website: With only two months left on the Blanket status, our team is currently preparing to file for Indefinite Blanket L status. Meanwhile, the client had a qualified manager who needed to be transferred from the Toronto-based office to a U.S. office. We prepared the required documentation and met the beneficiary with her husband at the Peace Bridge. She was approved L-1A status for a three-year period, and her husband was given derivative L-2 status.
If you have an immigration-related issues or questions, please schedule a consultation with one of our immigration attorneys today and cross the border with confidence!