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It’s Not WHAT We Do That’s Memorable, It’s HOW We Do It

I’ve been an immigration lawyer for 24 years. I’ve had thousands of clients over my career.

Last week, a client from 2009 contacted me for her U.S. citizenship application. She currently lives in San Francisco and could’ve contacted hundred of qualified immigration lawyers.

Today, a client from 2010 reached out to me about obtaining U.S. citizenship. He currently lives in Chicago and could’ve contacted hundreds of qualified immigration lawyers.

Instead, both clients reached out to ME! They remembered my service and knowledge from 10+ years ago. They googled me, found my email address, and asked me to work for them again.

I am one of thousands of U.S. immigration lawyers. What I sell isn’t a commodity. Rather, it’s an experience. A very personal one. One that people value and cherish dearly. One that makes my clients “raving fans” and committed to our relationship. Remember… it’s not WHAT we do that is memorable, it’s HOW we do it.