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Job Duties of a CBP Officer

If you are applying for admission to the United States, you will encounter a CBP Officer at one of the more than 300 land, sea or air ports-of-entry.  CBP Officers are responsible for facilitating trade and travel while simultaneously enforcing hundreds of U.S. regulations which include customs, immigration and drug laws.
CBP Officer’s screen all foreign visitors, returning American citizens and permanent residents of the U.S. In minutes, a CBP Officer establishes an applicant’s identity, citizenship and immigration status. They conduct criminal and immigration record checks and determine if the individual qualifies for entry under the classification for status that they are seeking. If eligibility for admission to the U.S. cannot be quickly and clearly established, a CBP Officer may refer an applicant to “secondary inspection” where more in-depth questioning will occur.
In addition, under “NAFTA ”, CBP Officers may adjudicate TN applications and L-1 petitions submitted by Canadian citizens at most ports-of-entry as well as accept and process nonimmigrant waiver applications .
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Page summary: CBP Officers determine admissibility to the U.S. for foreign nationals.