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L-1 & TN Visa Application Procedures (Sept. 2020)

In this video, Associate Attorney Zach Ahlstrom details the current process for applying for an L-1 or TN visa at the U.S./Canadian northern border given the recurring closures for non-essential travel.

Essentially, the process remains largely the same. As is normally the case, the applicant will drive up to U.S Customs and Border Protection and inform the officer that they would like to apply for L-1 or TN status. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, applicants would then go into secondary inspection where the officer would adjudicate the application. However, recently CBP has actually had applicants remain in their car while the officer takes the application inside to adjudicate. If approved, the officer will then bring the applicant inside secondary inspection to issue pay the fees and issue the I-94 record.

Our clients are successfully obtaining both TN and L-1 visas at the Peace Bridge port of entry. If you are interested in applying for either of these visas or would like to learn more, be sure to contact us today!