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L-1A Status Granted to Canadian Exec Opening New Office in NYC

Berardi Immigration Law was recently retained by a Canadian professional who wished to enter the United States to open a new branch of his Canadian-based company in the United States. Our client is the President/Creative Director of a successful marketing corporation, and in order to successfully fulfill the demands of his U.S. customer accounts, as well as expand the market for his services, he desired to open a branch office in New York City. With the guidance of our attorneys, our client incorporated his company in the U.S., secured office space in Manhattan, and drafted a detailed business plan for his company’s financial and organizational goals.
To demonstrate that our client qualified for L-1A status, our highly trained staff prepared the requisite forms and a letter outlining the basis for his eligibility. In particular, since this was a “new office” situation, we proactively addressed certain concerns which we know the government closely scrutinizes. Last Thursday, Rosanna Berardi met our client at the Peace Bridge where he presented his L-1A petition with supporting documentation. His L-1A status was issued without any problems, and he is now able to conduct business within the U.S.
If you are looking to expand your business into the U.S., or if you work for a foreign corporation that is looking to transfer you into the U.S., you may qualify for L-1 nonimmigrant status. Please visit our website for L-1A requirements and contact Berardi Immigration Law to assist you.