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Mandatory PERM Password Change Alert

Attention all employers with Permanent Case Management System (PERM) accounts. As of Aug. 25, 2014, all PERM users must now begin to comply with new password requirements for enhanced security. All PERM users will be required to change their existing passwords within the next 90 calendar days. As cyber threats are becoming increasingly aggressive, the new password standards will now be consistent with Department of Labor and Federal Government standards.
What you need to know:
• You must change your password within 90 days of any previous change. The PERM system will send reminders to registered users on the 75th, 80th, 85th, 88th, 89th and 90th days, as the password ages. Passwords can be reset on the Login Information tab of the My Account page any time prior to password expiration.
• Passwords must meet the new, enhanced criteria to be valid. Those criteria include: A length of eight to 15 characters, using special characters, including upper and lower case letters, and having at least one number.
• You cannot reuse a password that has been one of your previous 12 passwords.
• If your password expires, your account will be deactivated. To re-activate your account, you must identify yourself to the system, select your secret question and select the correct answer. A correct answer will result in a temporary password being emailed to you so you can gain limited access to the PERM system and reset your password based on the new criteria.
• The PERM Help Desk ([email protected]) is also available to assist.
Please bear in mind that alerts are sent to the registered users of an employer account. If a registered user has left the company without an update being made to the PERM account, the company may not receive the automatic reminders and may find themselves with a deactivated account the next time they, or their attorney, tries to access the PERM account.
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