TN Accountant Case Summary 1.3.2020

In addition to describing the TN category, Attorney Zachary Ahlstrom tells us about a recent case where our client is an accountant.  He explains the educational requirements needed to show that an individual is qualified for this category.  The application was approved for a three-year period and our client is happily working in the U.S.


TN Landscape Architect Case Summary 1.3.2020

The TN category is designated for Canadian and Mexican citizens who enter the U.S. to provide prearranged professional services for a U.S. entity. Attorney Zachary Ahlstrom recently assisted a landscape architect enter the U.S. to provide professional services for a large U.S. company. With his help. this application was ultimately approved for a three-year period.

TN Interior Designer Case Summary 1.3.2020

Attorney Zachary Ahlstrom was able to successfully secure our client’s TN work authorization for a three-year period by showing that the applicant possessed a bachelor’s degree in interior design and was coming into the U.S. to provide interior design services.


TN Renewal 01.02.2020

Our office regularly handles TN applications, both initial and renewal applications.  Attorney Gabriella Agostinelli discusses a recent success at the border for a TN Management Consultant.  The difficulty in the case was that the applicant held several previous TN visas, but Gabriella was able to show that he was not an employee and truly fulfilled the role of management consultant.



New Office L-1 Case Summary 01.02.2020

Senior Associate Attorney Gabriella Agostinelli shares how our office helped a company that had not yet begun work in the U.S.  She filed a petition for a New Office L-1 Operation, which granted the executive a one year approval.  At the end of that year, we can then help them prove they are actively working in the U.S. to secure a two to three year approval.

L-1 Function Manager Case Summary 12.10.2019

Our team was able to assist a Regional Sales Manager acquire his L-1 visa for the full three year period.  The L-1 category allows companies to transfer executives and other high-level employees to an affiliated U.S. office.  Attorney Zachary Ahlstrom determined that the function manager role, rather than the people manager role, best fit our client’s situation.  He then helped our client demonstrate his qualifications for the category.


TN Management Consultant Case Summary 12.03.2019

Attorney Zachary Ahlstrom describes a recent success at the border for a TN client, in which he gathered information on the applicant’s 30 years of relevant experience. With Zachary’s help, our client received a visa for the full three year period in the highly scrutinized category of TN Management Consultant.