L-1 Case Summary 10.25.2019

In addition to summarizing a successful L-1 application, Attorney Zachary Ahlstrom covers some of the information you should know about entering the U.S. over land versus air. He explains what the I-94 would look like for each and how to check your I-94 status online.

L-1 Functional Manager Case Summary 10.25.2019


Our firm recently assisted a senior project manager secure an L-1 visa for the full three year period. Attorney Zachary Ahlstrom was able to prove that she would fill the role of function manager, as opposed to a people manager, and would be involved with decision making in the U.S., despite having no direct reports.

TN Geologist Case Summary 10.15.2019


Attorney Zachary Ahlstrom describes how our team was able to prove our applicant fulfilled the requirements of the TN Geologist category by showing evidence of his education in a related field and that he would be entering the U.S. to provide services as a geologist. Thanks to his efforts, our client received a visa for the full three year period.

TN Case Summary 10.15.2019

Partner Jennifer Behm explains how our team overcame CBP’s objections for a recent TN applicant by mailing in an application to USCIS.  While we typically advise the in-person interview, our team determined that the paper option was the best choice for our client.  We were successful, and our client was able to enter the U.S. as planned.

L-1 Case Summary 10.11.2019

One of applicants applied at the Derby Line point of entry in Vermont.  The first time applicant managed teams in the U.S. and Canada.  Our team overcame the challenge of establishing the affiliation between the two teams, including translating voluminous documents and highlighting what information from those the documents was important for the case.  Attorney Sarah Michalek shares how our team was successful, and the applicant was promptly approved.

L-1 Renewal Case Summary 10.11.2019

Attorney Sarah Michalek tells us a bit about a recent applicant’s success at the border. The applicant was a long time L-1A holder, and our team was able to show that he was within the limits for days spent in the U.S., had permanent ties to Canada, and that he held a managerial role. Border officers granted a three year approval!

TN Case Summary 07.31.2019

Associate Attorney with Berardi Immigration Law, Zach Ahlstrom, recently had a successful TN application presented by one of our clients to Customs and Border Protection located at the Peace Bridge port of entry in Buffalo, New York. This client was applying under the Graphic Design designation. In order to qualify under this designation, the beneficiary must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field. The applicant had a Bachelor’s Degree in  the Fine Arts from a U.S. institution. The applicant provided a description of prior work experience and was approved for the TN visa. If you are interested in pursuing a TN visa, be sure to contact Berardi Immigration Law to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys today!