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Non-Immigrant Visa Application Process

Below is an overview of the steps needed to apply for a non-immigrant visa.  To ensure the approval of your application, all aspects of the process must be followed exactly.  Universal Visa Services can take the worry out of these tasks as well as completing them as expeditiously as possible.  Additionally, we can provide you with a visa assistant to accompany you to the interview.
Step 1- Photograph
A digital photograph is required for while applying for a US visa. The photograph must meet certain criteria including dimension, format and resolution. UVS will assist you in finding a photographer in your area.
Step 2- Complete US visa application form online
Visitor visa application (form DS160) must be completed in the English language. All questions must be completed thoroughly and accurately. Universal Visa Services will ensure that your document is prepared correctly and that all of your substantiating paperwork is in order.
Step 3- Pay Fee
Depending on the type of USA visa you are applying for, the USA visa fee may be different. Depending on your country of origin the payment process and mode of payment may vary. Universal Visa Services will assist you with this process.
Step 4-Make your interview appointment.
While this may seem straightforward, differences in time zones and the complicated interview schedule may make it difficult to get your preferred time and date. Universal Visa Services will monitor the schedule around the clock and book for you the best possible date.
Step 5- Visa Interview
Security screenings and fingerprinting precede your interview. The interviewer may ask a variety of questions and verify your documents. The primary goal of the interview is to verify all information presented in the application and to make sure that you qualify for the desired visa. To ease in the stress of the interview, Universal Visa Services can provide you with a visa assistant to attend the interview with you.