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Obama to announce plan for comprehensive immigration reform

President Obama is scheduled to speak at 2:55 ET today from Del Sol High School in Las Vegas. The speech will focus on the President’s plan for comprehensive immigration reform.
White House officials stated they are not going to make the President’s specific plan public at this point because they are encouraged by the plan laid out by leading Senators yesterday (January 28, 2013).  However, the plan is expected to closely mirror the President’s immigration plan laid out during a speech in El Paso, TX on May 10, 2011.
Like the Senate plan, the Obama plan also has four basic principles:

  • Better security for the nation’s borders;
  • Holding employers more responsible for knowingly employing illegal immigrants;
  • Finding ways to block the separation of families, while encouraging the retention of workers who can help the U.S. economy; and
  • Providing a path to citizenship for current illegal aliens in the U.S.

Areas in which the President may differ from the Senate plan include developing a faster path to citizenship than the Senate plan provides and including provisions for LGBT individuals to sponsor their long-term partners for green cards.
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