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One Year Admission to the U.S. for Unmarried Domestic Partners

CBP has recently provided guidance on the admission of unmarried, cohabitating domestic partners of nonimmigrant aliens coming to work or study in the U.S.
An individual presenting a valid passport and B-2 visitor’s visa who is accompanying a nonimmigrant alien entering the U.S. in long-term status for employment or study reasons should be admitted to the U.S. for a minimum of six months and may request up to one year.   Canadian applicants are exempt from the nonimmigrant visa requirement.
Domestic partners should be prepared to demonstrate their relationship to the principal alien and otherwise prove their eligibility for admission and nonimmigrant intent.  This may include evidence of co-habitation, relationship and permanent ties abroad.  Click here to read a similar article on same sex couples and immigration.
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Page summary:  CBP may admit an unmarried, cohabitating domestic partner of a nonimmigrant alien coming to the U.S. for work or studies in visitor status for up to one year.