Corporate Services & Support

Berardi Immigration Law recognizes the wide-ranging interests facing corporations, big and small, in today’s global economy. We understand the need to be able to move your most important asset – your employees – fluidly and expeditiously across the border with confidence.

We develop creative immigration strategies to meet the unique demands of our clients across all industries, including engineering and sciences, information technology, transportation, utilities, manufacturing, health care (including hospitals and research institutes), universities, property and landscape, entertainment and sports.

What Our Services Include

Immigration Training

We believe it is critical to listen to our clients and understand their business, corporate culture, and company goals. Berardi Immigration Law offers personalized immigration training via live sessions and interactive webinars to aid our clients in achieving knowledge and familiarity of the basics of U.S. immigration law.

Immigration Policy Development

A well-developed and clearly-written immigration policy will enhance communications with employees, maintain consistent practices, and clarify expectations for foreign nationals. These are all important factors in minimizing legal risk. Our experienced attorneys can help employers develop a customized immigration policy that addresses “who, when and how” a company will sponsor nonimmigrant work permits and permanent resident status.

I-9 and E-Verify

U.S. employers must maintain a correctly completed Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) for every employee they hire, regardless of nationality (including U.S. citizens). Improper completion of the Form I-9, failure to inspect the correct identity and work eligibility documents, and simple clerical mistakes in the compliance process can cause severe consequences. We understand the myriad of forms, rules and compliance issues affecting our clients.

Short- and Long-Term Immigration Strategies

Berardi Immigration Law provides customized services to meet the exclusive demands of our clients’ business and human resource needs. This includes planning for temporary immigration solutions, such as intracompany transfers or trainees, as well as long-term immigration strategies, including permanent residence and U.S. citizenship applications.

Merger and Acquisitions

When a business undergoes a corporate change like a merger or acquisition (M&A), the immigration status of foreign national employees in the U.S. may be impacted – sometimes adversely. Due diligence is generally required to assess the continuing employment eligibility of foreign nationals, as well as continued I-9 compliance and LCA public access files.

Compliance and Audits

With the government’s increased focus on enforcement, immigration compliance is key. We work to keep our clients one step ahead of ever-evolving policy and regulatory developments to ensure that they continue to comply with changing laws and regulations in the jurisdictions where they do business. Berardi Immigration Law believes that a proactive approach is the best strategy to benefit both employers and employees and to ensure compliance with the immigration law.

Recent Blog Posts

The NEW H-1B Cap Registration Process

The H-1B classification provides temporary permission for employers to hire qualified foreign nationals in specialty occupations. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) typically accepts a limited number of H-1B cases during each of the federal government’s fiscal years due to the annual cap. There are 65,000 H-1B cap slots, with 20,000 additional H-1B slots that may be allocated…

Temporary Block on Immigrant Health Insurance Requirement

President Trump’s October 4th Proclamation has been temporarily blocked by a federal judge.  If allowed, it would require those seeking U.S. visas to obtain approved health insurance within 30 days of entry if they are not able to cover their own healthcare expenses. Judge Michael Simon, a Federal District Judge in Portland, Oregon, issued a nationwide temporary restraining order on Saturday, November 2, the day before the Proclamation was set to go into effect.  This order will prohibit the government from implementing the Proclamation for 28 days. During this time, the plaintiffs (seven U.S. citizens and a nonprofit group, Latino Network) and the defendants (various governmental agencies and officials)  will argue on whether the court should issue a preliminary injunction, which would block the Proclamation from becoming effective until the lawsuit has been completely resolved. In this suit, the plaintiffs are challenging the legality of the Proclamation, and if the judge issues a preliminary injunction, the Proclamation will be suspended until the judge makes the ultimate decision on whether the Proclamation is legal or illegal. This temporary restraining order comes weeks after a series of Federal Court decisions to temporarily block the Department of Homeland Security’s amended public charge rule from becoming effective. […]

Presidential Proclamation to Block Entry for Uninsured Immigrants

On October 4, 2019, President Trump issued a proclamation that will require legal immigrants to gain approved health insurance coverage within 30 days of their entry to the U.S, unless they can prove that they are in a financial position that allows them to cover their own foreseeable medical expenses…