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Green Cards & US Citizenship

A green card is the permanent ability to live or work in the United States. If you have a job offer from a U.S. employer or you are a U.S. company seeking to sponsor a foreign national for a green card, there are several options under the current immigration laws. All categories are designated with the EB title, which stands for employment-based. There are three main types of EB green cards: EB-1, EB-2 and EB-3. Your job duties and your educational and experiential background will determine which employment based-category is right for you.

Berardi Immigration Law is well-versed in all type of employment-based green cards. Each year, we successfully file petitions with USCIS on behalf of multinational managers/executives, aliens of extraordinary ability, aliens with advanced degrees and skilled workers. Each employment-based green card category is complex and requires ad advanced understanding of the requirements and nuances. A green card is a permanent benefit issued by USCIS. It allows employers to retain their key employees and allows foreign nationals to live the American dream.

US citizenship/naturalization is a separate process with many benefits for those who have already been a permanent resident of the United States.


The Berardi Difference

The lawyers at Berardi Immigration Law have decades of green card and citizenship experience. Our team has handled numerous complex cases and enjoys a high approval rating with USCIS. We have a full-time employee who is dedicated to our EB-2 and EB-3 petitions. She only handles these types of cases, since they are complicated and require advance immigration knowledge. We work closely with employers and foreign nationals alike to devise a comprehensive green card strategy that encompasses both short-term and long-term employment options. We also work closely with dependents of foreign nationals.

Contact Berardi Immigration Law today to find out how we can help your sponsor your key employee for a green card or more importantly, make your American dream come true.