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The team at Berardi Immigration Law is frequently contacted by the media throughout the globe. They have been interviewed by Forbes, The Huffington Post Mexico, The Los Angeles Times, and The National Post (Toronto), to name a few. Contact our team today for a radio, phone, or in-person interview. Our lawyers are at the forefront of national immigration trends.

Buffalo Law Journal

Trump and NAFTA: The end to a robust trade agreement

The North American Free Trade Agreement was a hot topic of the 2016 presidential election. NAFTA received an unprecedented amount of attention by both candidates. On the campaign trail, Donald Trump vowed to “rip up” NAFTA, although his team has since clarified that he is “looking to rightsize it and make it fairer.”

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Business First

Refugee resettlement agency on Trump’s ban:’Our clients are very concerned

Catholic Charities of Buffalo planned to welcome 19 refugees to Buffalo this week, but instead those refugees are temporarily banned from entering the United States for the next four months. An executive order signed Jan. 27 by President Trump suspends the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program for 120 days and halts…

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A Lawyer Aids Immigrants’ American Dreams Through Her Firm

When a mother and stepfather were kept an ocean apart from their teenage son for almost a year by U.S. immigration officials, Rosanna Berardi of Berardi Immigration Law came to the rescue. Marleen Pfeiffer, a Dane, had married a U.S. citizen in June of 2014, and become a permanent resident about a year later Her son, Mads, joined her in…

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Huffington Post Mexico

Nearly 13,000 Mexicans facing the threat of losing their jobs if the US withdraws from NAFTA

Mexicans living and working in the United States are not all illegal or criminal, as President Donald Trump has said, on the other hand, there are almost 13,000 professionals trained, with good jobs and who pay the same taxes as a US citizen : they are Workers with a TN visa product of the North American Free Trade…

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LA Times

Trump travel ban is ‘scary’ forbnHollywood, which relies on a global talent pool

Los Angeles producer Rossi Cannon relies heavily on foreign directors and cinematographers to make commercials for brands such as Nike. Cannon, 48, never thought that her access to the global talent pool might be limited. Now she’s not so sure.
The election of President Trump, she says, has…

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The Lawyers Weekly

There are no digital secrets at the border

Each day, hundreds of foreign nationals travel to the United States for business meetings. Most business travelers carry a laptop and smartphone that contains confidential business information. This information may include e-mails from lawyers, proprietary data and trade secrets.
Imagine this: upon presenting your passport to Customs and Border Protection, you are…

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National Post

Northern aliens: Around 100,000 Canadians live under the radar in U.S. as illegal immigrants

It was the late 1990s when the Canadian man crossed the border into the United States, a visitor like millions of others, free to stay up to six months.
Except that he never actually left the U.S., and never obtained U.S. government permission to stick around. He simply made a new life for himself in America. For the last 18 years, the Canadian…

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Buffalo Law Journal

Your iPhone at the U.S. border

Imagine this: You’re returning to the United States after a business trip abroad. While going through customs, you are unexpectedly pulled to the side and brought into secondary inspection. The officer asks for your cell phone and the password to access its content. As you travel for work very often, you keep all of your sensitive client and corporate information on this cell phone. You freeze…

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