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Paws & Reflect: Securing an E-2 Visa for a Canadian Entrepreneur in the Dog Training Industry

In the world of immigration law, every client’s journey is unique and full of potential. One of our most heartwarming success stories this year involves a Canadian entrepreneur who turned their passion for dog training into a thriving business in the United States, all made possible through the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa.

Initial Consultation and Business Formation

Our client approached Berardi Immigration Law with a clear vision: to establish a dog training company in the U.S. that not only offered superior services but also created employment opportunities. After discussing various visa options, it was evident that the E-2 visa was the best fit due to the client’s nationality and business goals.

The first step was forming a U.S.-based Limited Liability Company (LLC). Our client then moved forward with investing in a reputable dog training franchise, a decision that came with significant financial commitments. These included the franchise fee and other essential startup costs such as office rent, inventory, travel expenses, marketing, and the purchase of a company vehicle.

Visa Application and Interview

Once our client’s business was established and the initial investments were made, our next task was to prepare the E-2 visa application. We carefully gathered all the necessary documents to showcase the substantial investment made and the serious intent behind the business. The application was submitted to the U.S. consulate in Toronto, known for its meticulous approach to evaluating E-2 visa applications.

During the visa interview, our client was well-prepared to explain the business plan and investment details. The consular officers asked several questions to understand the business’s potential and the client’s long-term goals. Thanks to the thorough preparation and clear articulation of the business concept, the interview went smoothly, and the consulate granted a five-year E-2 visa.

Business Registration & Additional Visa Benefits

An added milestone in this success story was the registration of our client’s U.S. company under the Canada E visa program. This registration not only underscores the legitimacy of the business but also facilitates the sponsorship of additional Canadian citizens for E-2 visas, enabling the business to attract top talent from Canada.

Furthermore, our client’s spouse was issued an E-2 dependent visa. This visa not only allows him to reside in the U.S. but also grants him work authorization, offering the family further stability and integration into their new community.

Reflecting on the E-2 Visa Journey

This success story is a testament to the strategic planning and execution by both our client and the team at Berardi Immigration Law. The client’s dream of owning a U.S. business has become a reality, and the company is now poised for growth and success in the competitive pet training industry.